PCB Design

Camtech can design a range of PCB’s using the latest most complex technologies:

  • Single/double sided
  • Multilayer; through via, blind/buried via and laser via technologies
  • Flexible / flexi-rigid printed circuits

PCB component placement and routing is carried out by experienced and committed designers to ensure you have the optimal layout for your high speed logic and high frequency RF designs.

Camtech use high frequency controlled impedance design methods. Microstrip transmission line techniques are used on RF and benefit from improved anti-alias on high speed logic signals.

You can be assured that PCB’s designed by Camtech conform to industry standard IPC2221A.

PADS multilevel Blaze autorouter enables a fast autoroute service on your more complex designs like high density micro BGA boards.

Our comprehensive CAD fabrication data are supplied with all jobs.

Schematic (as appropriate)

  • PDF
  • Native CAD file .sch
  • BOM .xls


  • Native CAD file .pcb
  • Neutral file .asc
  • IPC-D-356A netlist .ipc
  • X-Y BOM .xls
  • Assembly Drawing Top .pdf
  • Assembly Drawing Bottom .pdf
  • Production Drill Drawing .pdf
  • PCB Layout Audit report
  • Gerbers + NC Drill file

Camtech can provide support for numerous surface mount pick and place production machines and IPC-D-356A netlist extraction for bare board testing.