Case Study - Hidalgo


An electronics design consultancy and project management company based in Swavesey to the west of Cambridge. Hidalgo design and develop products for themselves and for third parties.

Camtech Involvement

Camtech has worked with Hidalgo for the past four years, handling two to three projects each year. Camtech has assisted Hidalgo with the development of an vital signs monitoring product utilising RF technology for its own product range, Equivitalâ„¢.

Equivital is the worlds smallest multiparameter welfare sensor used to measure the real time vital signs of users such a military and emergency services and send the data via a wireless data networks such as GSM back to a remote medical team. The product is the first in a whole range of devices for use in medical and workplace applications.

Client Benefit

A responsive and flexible approach, mirroring the culture of Hidalgo, to ensure their client benefits from a collaboration of the best expertise available in a seamless service delivery. The product required a high degree of mechanical integration to achieve the size and weight targets and the resultant PCB achieved this.

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