Case Study - DisplayLink


A fabless semiconductor manufacturer developing network displays technology that enables more flexible connections to be made between computers and monitors.

DisplayLink, formerly Newnham Research, is based in Cambridge with offices in the US, Japan and Taiwan. Their technology allows high performance, high quality, flexible connections to be made between computers and displays, changing the ways that displays are connected to PCs. Their network display technology operates over standard wired and wireless protocols including USB and Wireless USB. DisplayLink technology is available today in a wide range of products including USB-enabled monitors and universal notebook docking stations.

Camtech Involvement

Camtech has worked with DisplayLink since the company was founded in 2003. Their involvement has been in the design of high quality complex PCB designs as well as the creation and management of the vital library of components for a rapidly expanding product portfolio.

Client Benefit

Camtech's extensive experience in the design of complex PCB's has contributed towards the speed and quality of DisplayLink’s product development.

The entrustment of the important "behind the scenes" cumbersome task of library management to a partner involved in this ground breaking and highly confidential technology from the beginning has also brought benefits. Camtech’s role in assuring quality and traceablilty provides invaluable support, freeing DisplayLink to concentrate on the core activities of product and market development.

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