Case Study - Axxcelera Broadband Wireless


A US based data networking solutions company developing leading-edge technology for the deployment of broadband wireless communications. Axxcelera was based on the Cambridge Science Park but has relocated to the USA leaving a small development team in Cambridge. The Axxcelera product range includes highly cost efficient point-to-point products for applications involving high-throughput over long distances as well as point-to-multipoint products for fixed wireless broadband platforms.

Camtech Involvement

Camtech has been working with Axxcelera for four years on product development across the product range. The main involvement has been to pull together schematics designed by Axxcelera engineers and realise these into PCB’s.

Client Benefit

A trusted extension of the Axxcelera product development team with extensive RF experience. Camtech has helped Axxcelera to develop leading edge technology to keep the company at the forefront of the wireless communications market.

Visit for more information on their range of wireless networking technologies.